Stand Up Paddle Board

What is an Inflatable Paddle Board?

Standup Paddle Boarding is a relatively new sport/activity. As such, you may not know what is an inflatable paddle board. Today, Slack Water will be discussing what inflatable paddle boards are and their benefits. 

​Why Pick an Inflatable SUP

​What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

​To understand what an inflatable paddle board is, you must know what stand up paddle boarding is. Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is an activity that was developed in Hawaii and is a branch of surfing. Locals wanted to get a better view while surfing, so standup paddle boarding was developed. 

With stand up paddle boarding, a long paddle and a surf board are combined to make the activity possible. You can think of it as a mixture of canoeing and surfing. The reason it is not called stand up surfing is because SUP is used for much more than just surfing. It is now done on flat water surfaces and even beach paddling. If you do any of these, it might even be hard to see someone surfing with a stand up paddle boarding manner.

There are two different types of paddle boards availble for SUP. You have inflatable boards and rigid/hard/epoxy boards. Both have their pros and cons, but today we will stick to talking about the inflatable boards.

​Inflatable Paddle ​Board 101

​Let's discuss some of the main features of inflatable paddle boards. To begin, you can expect to find paddle boards ranging around $200 - $600. This is an average number. No matter whether you decide to get an inflatable paddle board or rigid paddle board, you should expect to find them around this range. You should also remember that you buy what you get. Which means, a general rule of thumb with paddle boards is the higher the price, the better the quality. When purchasing an inflatable paddle board, you will want to try to get a high quality board. This way, you will not have wasted money and the board will handle any wave you come across.

Also, due to the inflatable nature of the board, it can withstand a lot of beatings. With rigid boards, hitting a rock would leave indentions. This simply does not happen with inflatable paddle boards. You do need to look out for maneuverability though. It is easier to move around with a rigid paddle board. 

​Inflatable paddle boards work relatively simple. You just have to pump up the board before using it. This will involve the use of a pump. Some people like to use hand pumps, but this can get tiring. It is also important to mention that you may not be able to fully pump the board up with a hand pump. Getting an electric or foot pump for this task is a good idea. 

​Benefits of Choosing an iSUP (Inflatable Paddle Board)


​As you may have guessed, inflatable paddle boards are easy to carry around. Packing them up for a long trip is a piece of cake. When compared to rigid paddle boards, you can imagine how much simpler and less of a headache this is. ​​​​​​

​Ease of Use

​The design of inflatable paddle boards are very simple. All you have to do is inflate the board and take it out into the water. For this reason, choosing an iSUP is not that much different than a rigid board.

​Beginner Friendly

​​Inflatable paddle boards are built with beginners in mind. There are not too many things to think about when using one. The extra portability makes it even more built towards beginners.​​​​​​


​When compared to hard wood boards, you will find that inflatable paddle boards are lighter. This makes it easier to carry around on the beach or wherever you decide to do SUP. ​​​​​


​Because you can fold up and store the inflatable paddle board whenever you want, the flexibility of the product itself is impressive. This adds on to the portability of the board. It is much easier to take it where you want to go.​​​​​

Who Should Buy Inflatable Paddle Boards SUP

​Now that you know more about paddle boards, you can decide if inflatable paddles boards are for you. iSUPs are very versatile when compared to any other type of paddle board. As such, anyone can buy one. It is great for both casual and serious users as it works just as good as a rigid paddle board. The benefits that you get from it exceed other boards.

However, more specifically, if you are a casual rider you will want to get an the best inflatable paddle board. It is easy to carry around and lightweight. It benefits are great for any casual rider and you won't find it a hassle as you would a rigid paddle board.