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Stand Up Paddle Board Brands Complete List

​Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity to get into. It works well as a fitness exercise and is extremely fun to do. If you have decided to get a reviews of SUP (stand up paddle board), there is a good chance you are curious of the different brands that make paddle boards. There are several, and today we will be building a stand up paddle board brands list.

​Brands List

​Suplove Stand Up Paddle Boards

​Suplove is a company that focuses on bringing their customers together through the joy of stand up paddle boarding. They pride themselves in their service. Meeting new friends on the water is important to them. Suplove focuses on expanding the sport of stand up paddle boarding. Suplove got its start as a training school in Sydney, ​Australia. This was back in 2008 and ever since, they have become one of the fastest growing independent SUP companies in the world.


​Naish has been around since 1979 selling gear for kite, windsurfing, and SUP. The company was started by Robby Naish who is a professional athlete in the sport of windsurfing. Through his success and fame, he was able to start Naish.


​Quiksilver started in 1969 and has been a pivotal company in the boarding community. ​They like to focus on function, fit, art, and fashion. They make gear ranging from snowboarding to stand up paddle boarding. Unlike other companies, quiksilver does a wonderful job providing for both the mountain and the ocean sports. Other than gear, they also provide apparel and accessories.


​Another company that focuses on both the mountain range and ocean, CamelBak likes to boast around their custom backpacks and bottles. Even though they focus greatly on the idea of fulfilling the thirst needs of athletes, they also provide great looking stand up paddle boards.


​Usually associated with wonderful cameras that work to catch video through the perspectives eyes, GoPro also has a line of stand up paddle boards. GoPro has only been around since 2002, but has grown exceptionally since then into a wonderful company.

​Tower Paddle Boards

​Tower paddle boards focuses specifically on paddle boards. They love bringing new individuals into the sport and have several guides on getting started in stand up power boarding. You can also find that they have a magazine called the 'Tower Magazine'. Everything is handled and managed through Tower Paddle Boards making them a unique company among the others. From importing, marketing, and manufacturer, they do it all. They also only sell directly. This makes their prices much more affordable for high quality paddleboards.


​ISLE Surf and SUP is one of the most popular paddle board brands on the market today. You will likely have already seen one of their paddle boards before reading this article. They sell all  types of boards from inflatable to surfboards. For over 13 years, they have been a spear head in the SUP industry. Their motto is Surf, Paddle, Explore. The passion that they show for riding waves shows in their hospitality, board quality, and pricing structure.


​Surftech is a company that focuses on surfing, but also loves SUP. Founded in 1989, they have always looked for new ways to use technology to improve ocean sports like surfing and paddle boarding. They are great manufactures and likely have built some of the boards that you have seen on the market. Using special techniques, they offer different companies unique and high quality boards as the manufacturer. 


​Looking through our list of stand up paddle board brands should give you a great start to finding the company that you want to buy from. Some show immense passion that is to be admired and commended. However, there are other factors that play a role in picking a good board and you can check them out in the video below.