Young Man Fishing From Kayak On Lake

Paddle board vs Kayak Fishing? Pros and Cons

Paddleboarding is an increasingly popular activity. It is a mix of canoeing and surfing. As such, there are many different applications that people come up with to use it for. Fishing is no exception. Paddle board fishing is now being seriously considered. Now, many people are having to decide between paddleboard fishing and kayak fishing.

Today, we will discuss paddleboard vs kayak fishing. Which is better? Which yields the best result? Why would you want to switch from kayak to paddleboard fishing? All this and more will be covered today.

SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) Fishing

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​Vantage Point

​Fishing is usually done while standing. This is done due to the high vantage point that you get. Since paddle boarding is designed for standing up, it is only logical that people started to use it for fishing. Kayaks are not designed for this which makes paddle boards have an advantage over them. Sight fishing can take advantage of this aspect of paddle boarding and give it immense benefit.

Fitness is increased with Inflatable SUP's

​Some people love kayaking because of the workout it gives them. Add fishing to the mix, and people are happy. Switching over to a paddleboard will only further increase that love for fishing and fitness. Kayaking only really works out your upper body. On the other hand, paddle boarding works out your entire body based on design.


​Compared to a kayak, paddle boards are much easier to carry. They usually come with a carrying handle and if you buy an inflatable paddle board, you will be relieved at how easy and light weight carrying it is. Everything about paddle boards were made for convenience.

​Kayak Fishing

​Now, let's look at what kayak's can bring to the table. 


​When we look at kayaks, it is not hard to see that they were designed to go long distances. The way the hull is designed, it can easily cut through water. This makes it much easier to get to great fishing spots, especially if you already have one located that is farther away. For longer trips, kayaks are much better than paddle boards.


​Fishing while sitting down is still a controversial topic, but this is how it is done for kayaks. If anything, however, this provides a lot of stability. You do not have to worry about falling in the water or your kayak filpping. This is not really an issue in still water, but in moving water, issues can occur. The stability that kayaks bring you in moving waters allows for you to remain calm and fish without too much interference.

Storage Of the best stand up paddle board can be beneficial 

​Most fishermen love to bring lots of gear to make their lives easier on the water. Kayaks are much bigger and spacious than any paddleboard. For that reason, it is extremely easy to bring and store gear in your kayak. If you are one of those people who love bring tons of gear and equipment with you, you should stick with kayaks. 


​So, who wins the massive debate over kayaks and paddleboard fishing? Neither. Each offers a unique style of fishing and depending on how you like to fish, the decision can differ. For that reason, looking over what each type of fishing offers and choosing is the best idea. Some people like to do both, which is an option.