Woman Paddling Stand up Paddle Board

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

​If you have made the tough decision to give standup paddle boarding a try, you are likely concerned with the costs of paddle boards. Each paddle board differs in the overall cost, and of course you should be thinking about quality when picking a board as well.

Nevertheless, today Slack Water will be discussing how much do paddle boards cost. 

​Choosing the Right Standup Paddle Board (SUP)

​General Pricing

​When thinking about paddle boards, the general pricing for them is somewhere between $200 and $500. Of course, the higher priced boards will have better quality. You also should take into consideration the different types of paddle boards. Here is a short rundown of them both:

Inflatable Paddle Boards

  • ​​​​​​​Beginner friendly​​​
  • ​Flexible and portable
  • Slower
  • Harder to maneuver with
  • Durable
  • Made for casual use

Hard Paddle Boards

  • Made for more serious use
  • Faster than inflatable paddle boards
  • Easier to maneuver with
  • Take more damage from rocks so they are less durable
  • Faster than inflatable paddle boards

Despite the differences between each paddle board, you will find that the cost of each are similar. This is because inflatable paddle boards have to be just as strong as hard paddle boards to ensure you are safe on the waters.

​Inflatable Paddle B​oards for SUP

​To better understand the pricing structure of inflatable paddle boards, we will look at some of the features that can affect the price.

First, let's look at:

ISLE Surf and SUP's Inflatable Paddle Board

This inflatable stand up paddle board comes with an adjustable paddle, travel backpack, and coil leash. It comes in at 126x31x6-inches. It features very vibrant colors and a 6-point bungee system to store your gear. You can also see that it includes a nose handle that makes carrying it even ​easier. This is an upper end paddle board and includes a lot. As such, the price reflects it. It is $595 on Amazon.

PathFinder Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

Now, you have pathfinder's version of an inflatable paddle board. It also comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle and carry bag. However, they include a pump, center fin(that is detachable​) and valve wrench. It comes in at 118x30x5-inches. Looking at the design, it is much simpler than ISLE Surf's board. It also only comes with a 4-point bungee system that you can use to store your gear. Although it comes with more additional items, this one comes in at $319.

So, a few variables that seem to affect the price of inflatable paddle boards would be the length of the board and the design of the board. Additional accessories can lack in quality, so they do not really affect the price of the board itself. Having a better bungee system and nose handle increased the ISLE Surf's board price. It can also be the overall quality of the board itself that also increased the price. 


​Hard Paddle Boards for SUP

​At first glance, it may seem like the price of hard paddle boards are increased due to them being made out of wood, but this is not entirely true. Some of the same variables affect hard paddle boards as they do with inflatable paddle boards. Isle Surf also has a hardwood paddle board.  It is $595, but comes in at 206x5x31-inches. It includes an adjustable paddle, center handle, and fin.

So, try not to get too distracted by the additional accessories included with some of these paddle boards. 



​Do not get discourage by the price of your paddle board. Paddle boards tend to last for a long time, so your first investment should be your last for awhile. Paddle boarding is also a great activity to get into that is fun and challenging. For anyone who still has plans to get a paddle board, you now should have a better understanding of the price structure between them.