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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review

​Paddle boarding is a fun activity to get into. Paddle boarding is similar to surfing, but with it you have to stand up! It usually involves using a paddle to move across the surface of the water while standing. It is a lot more fun than it sounds. However, it is a workout. If you are not fit or hate fitness, you might not find SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) fun. However, there are neat paddle boards out there that will do the work for you.

Today, we will be discussing Hobie Mirage's Eclipse Paddle board. It is designed so that you do not have to paddle yourself and get a workout. It makes the workout less straneous with their unique paddle system.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review 12


​Let's go over a few features that come with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.

  • To begin, the board is pedal powered. This means you will use the pedals on the board in order to move. This removes the need to use a paddle and lots of energy.
  • The motion is that of a stair stepper. This makes it easier than the motion of a standard bicycle. If you have ever used and elliptical in a gym, you should be familiar with the stair step motion.
  • You are able to steer the board similar to the way you steer a bike. The pressure handles on the handle bar are perfectly distanced to make the entire experience comfortable.
  • The handle bar stand is also adjustable. So, if you are a shorter height, you do not have to worry about not being able to reach the handle bars.
  • ​Thankfully, the board is still designed like other paddle boards on the market. You also get a 4-point bungee system that allows you to store your gear easily behind you.
  • It also features a kick up rudder that will keep you safe if you accidently hit the ground. This is a great feature to keep your board from being damaged.
  • Going back to the handle bar, it is good to know that it can also be removed. This will turn the board into a standard paddle board giving you two products in one.

​So What is the Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12?

​The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 is a special designed paddle board that requires no paddle. Using the built-in ​pedals, you can easily replace the gym with a nice day out on the water. Squeezing on the handle bar will allow for you to steer left and right. The handlebar does not turn like a typical bike handlebar would. It is very beginner friendly, so if you have ever tried to do regular paddle boarding and could not get it down, using Hobie Mirage's ​Eclipse 12 will give you a second chance at mastering it.


  • ​Length: 12-Feet
  • Width: 35-Inches
  • Hull Weight: 48 lbs
  • Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Paddlers: 1
  • Material ACX Composite

​Why You Should Get a Hobie Mirage Eclipse

There are many reasons to invest money into this great product. For starters, ​it is easier to use than any regular inflatable  paddle board. You also do not have to be nearly as fit to use this board. It is a great replacement exercise. The design is unique and built to perfection.The weight is a little heavy compared to a normal paddle board, but that is not too big of an issue. It is great to use on calm waters as well.