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Watersports remain to be some of the popular sporting activities that anybody, whether young or old can engage in. This is the inspiration behind Slackwater. We are a company that is all about water sports. At Slackwater, you will be treated to all forms guides and tips on water sports such as kayaking surfing paddleboard, as well as get a chance to buy any watersports equipment at incredible prices. We have been in this industry for quite some time such that we know what is best for your specific water sport.

For all your paddling needs, visit us and our trained, experienced and friendly staff will take you through a wide selection of canoes, kayaks, as well as any other watersport equipment that you might be in need of. We address topics about equipment for water sport that are designed for experts, and for beginners. All you need to do is let us know what your level of expertise is in any given sport and we will get you the information on the equipment that aligns with your needs as well as the level of expertise.

Besides, we have a wealth of information on our website that can be of much use to you. For example, with us, you will get to learn a few aspects of water sports such as kayaking, and boat guide. Such services are aimed at growing your knowledge on some water sports and the related equipment. With such knowledge, you will know which equipment is best for a specific sport.

Additionally, we have a section on guides, helmets, and essential kit. It does not matter whether you are a hardcore junkie or a beginner in any watersport, at Slackwater we have the package that meets your specific needs and level of expertise. We have guides to buoyancy that comprise of information on the factors to look out for in a watersport and watersport equipment before you buy any.

One of the reasons, why we have remained our readers’ choice is the fact that we not only cover topics on watersport equipment such as paddles, kayaks, and canoes among others, but we also offer the best advice on watersports and the related equipment. Our readers are our priority, and we work towards giving them maximum satisfaction in any aspect of watersport – be it in giving you the appropriate guide on buying watersport equipment or offering you advice and training.